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Nottinghamshire Counselling

Julie Archer       BSc (Hons) MBACP

Tel. 07967 878 904


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I work in  Ravenshead.  Please refer to the Locations page for further details.


How much does it cost?

My standard fee is £45 for 50 minutes for individuals and £60 for 60 minutes for couples. I keep some sessions at a lower cost for students or those on a lower wage.


When do you offer appointments?

I offer day and evening appointment times Monday to Thursday.


What happens in a counseling session?

At our initial session together, we can talk about why you have come for counselling and what you want to get out of our sessions together. From this we will agree a contract. Subsequent sessions will be how you want to explore your experiences, thoughts and feelings.


How long does it take overall?

Depending on your individual circumstances we can discuss this in the initial session. We can agree to work in a brief focal way over a number of sessions or leave it open in longer term work. We can review the work together on a regular basis.


What happens if I need to cancel a session?

You can cancel a session without incurring a fee by providing 48 hours notice. If you cancel within the 48 hours, you will still be liable to pay the full fee.


How long will it take to get an appointment?

I can usually offer an initial appointment straight away.

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